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The key to online investigation is following the digital footprints people leave behind when they are online. These footprints will often lead you right to their doorstep. In addition to the individual clues you find about a person, there are many other artifacts which are relatively easily accessible for you to examine…if you know where to look. That is exactly what we specialize in at OpenCryptoSoc: Open Source Information, Crypto Currency, Social Media, Dark Web, and Privacy! Our motto is: Dig Deeper. Find Truth

Are you a Practitioner / Investigator / Analyst who is constantly searching for that ONE LINK you saw that ONE TIME, and now cant seem to find it??

See how OpenCryptoSoc makes your research journey just a little easier in every way

From investigating crime syndicates, to business intelligence, to understanding the cyber threat landscape, there are all sorts of industries which can benefit from these resources.

Whether you’re in the law enforcement, government, financial, legal, healthcare, insurance, or technology sectors, we have resources to help you find the information to get the truth in your investigations. Helping you to Dig deeper. Find truth.

No matter what you’re looking for has you covered:

  • Open Source Information for Online Investigations
  • Tracing, tracking, following, and understanding Crypto Currencies
  • Information pertaining to Social Media accounts of your targets
  • Resources for researching and investigating the Dark Web
  • Practical tips for Privacy and securing your Digital Footprint
  • Online Investigation tips, tricks and resources

While the information / resources contained on this site are freely available for anyone to use in their research, it cannot be more heavily stated that the links provided here are for educational, research, and investigative purposes. The only thing we ask is that you follow the golden rule and treat people as you’d like to be treated. With great power comes great responsibility…use these resources for gooddon’t be a creeper!


Open Source / Publicly Available Information can be divided into six categories:

  • Media
  • Internet
  • Public Government Data
  • Professional and Academic Publications
  • Commercial Data
  • Grey literature

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Crypto Currency

Crypto currency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledger or blockchain using strong cryptography to secure transaction record entries, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership.
Cryptocurrencies typically use a decentralized system based upon math, as opposed to central bank-like systems.

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Social media intelligence (SOCMINT) includes collecting information from social media sites, using multiple means, from open and closed social networks.

Research has shown that various social media platforms on the Internet such as Twitter and Tumblr (micro-blogging websites); Facebook (a popular social networking website); YouTube (the largest video sharing and hosting website); Blogs and discussion forums are being misused by multiple types of bad actors for various purposes.


Dark Web

The dark web is the Internet content that exists on darknets or overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. The dark web forms a small part of the deep web. The deep web is the part of the Internet which is not indexed by search engines (like Google). Sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web.

The various darknets which constitute the dark web include small, friend-to-friend or peer-to-peer networks, as well as the larger / more popular networks such as Tor, Freenet, I2P, and IPFS which are operated by both organizations and individuals.

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